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We're thrilled you are considering coming to visit our church. Sometimes it's hard to visit someplace new without knowing what to expect. Below are some descriptions and some links to give you a taste of what our worship services are like. May God bless you as you search for a good church family FIT!

What should I expect at your worship service?

Our service starts at 10:00am and our worship gathering is laid back, allowing people to "come as they are." Some people are used to dressing very formally for worship, and while that is certainly welcome, it is not expected. Most of the music we sing together is contemporary and heard on Christian radio stations in the Mountain Home area, while occasionally adding in a traditional hymn.

What will happen during worship?

Our worship services combine various elements of singing, readings, prayer, and study of the Bible. We combine these elements in a variety of ways from week to week. While we do not follow a formal liturgical format, we do follow elements of the Christian calendar, such as Advent & Lent in the appropriate seasons. Charismatic displays, such as speaking in tongues, are not a customary part of our worship gatherings. Service generally run from 65 to 70 minutes in length.

Feel free to check out our services on either our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.


What is available for my kids during worship?

We realize that in raising kids, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Our approach is to keep families together during the early part of the service where we are generally singing and praying, and during our readings. After spending about 25 minutes in service, we dismiss those who wish to attend children's church to head upstairs with our volunteers. This allows children to be taught at an age-appropriate level for kids and families who wish to take advantage of this. On the final Sunday of each month, kids stay with their families throughout the entire service.

In addition, we offer our pre-school and nursery care to families who have children in Kindergarten or younger during all of our Sunday morning worship hour.

What does your church believe?

> We are a Christian church, so we support and adhere to the basic beliefs of the Christian faith (trinitarian God, divinity/humanity of Jesus, salvation through Christ, Scripture is God's sole and inspired word to us).

> We are a Protestant church, so we are not Roman Catholic and see Scripture as our primary source of authority (while also relying upon tradition, reason, & experience to help us understand and interpret Scripture to guide us).

> We are a Wesleyan church, so we emphasize God's love and the freedom we all have to accept or deny that love. God does not make that choice for us.

> We are a holiness church, so we believe that there is more to being a Christian than "being saved." We don't wait for God's Kingdom to be established someday, but believe we are called to be bringers of that Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. Our desire is to grow in our relationship with Jesus so that we become more like him daily.

You can find out more about our denomination by visiting

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