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Why Give?

It is easy to be cynical about giving these days with all the scandals and problems we see in our society.  But we believe that part of our loving God + loving people is to be generous and compassionate with our finances and resources.  There are just too many people in this world that need to experience grace and be given hope for a better life for us to stop giving to God's kingdom.  We believe that giving, far from being limiting, actually helps us to experience the awesomeness of God and helps provide us a place where kids, teens and adults can grow in their relationship with Christ.

Here are some steps to giving:

  • Not giving at all?  Try giving something.

  • Giving a little?  Try giving more regularly.

  • Giving regularly?  Try tithing 10% of your income.

  • Tithing? Try giving to special projects


Here are some ways to give to MH Nazarene:

  • Traditional?  Drop it into our offering box.

  • Modern?  Set up regular giving to come to us through your online banking (click on the "Give Now" button below).

Because you work hard for your money and we know that when you give you want it to help others and to accomplish God's kingdom building work, we take  your donations seriously.  We have a team of leaders to help oversee our finances.  Our records are available to you at any time and if you ever have questions the pastors or leadership team would be glad to answer them.

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