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What is Faith Promise?

Faith Promise giving is a biblical method used by many local churches to raise financial support for world evangelization.

Faith Promise is one of the most meaningful methods for supporting missions. It is not a pledge. A Faith Promise is exactly what is says — a promise made in faith between an individual and God. That promise is based on what the giver believes God wants him or her to give to ministries, global and local, beyond those of the local church.

Our regular tithes and offerings already support ministries at home and abroad, but Faith Promise provides us the opportunity


“Glocal” Ministries we will support 2018-2019:

The Shoe the Grows:                               $2,500

We Love MH Project:                                $2,500

Strickland Family in Africa:                     $2,500

Grace Lutheran Food Pantry:                     $700

Missionary Christmas (LINKS):                  $300

World Mission Broadcast:                            $500

Local Missionary Speakers:                        $1,000

Total:                                                               $10,000



We are a little over halfway to our goal of $10,000.

If 20 of us decided to give an

extra $10 a week, we will meet our goal easily.  

Pray about how God might want

you to participate.

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