COVID-19 Update

Church Family,

At our September 14th board meeting, we reviewed the latest data from the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare's COVID-19 Dashboard. Throughout this pandemic, our church staff and board have maintained a close eye on the numbers for the entire state and our own Elmore County. (These statistics can be found here.)

Without any objection from any board members present, our board took action to resume the precautionary measures we put into place when we first went to indoor gatherings. Specifically, we are strongly recommending that people wear masks/face coverings while in our facility, that they maintain physical distancing of six feet whenever possible, and that we try to maintain a touchless environment. We have not and will not make an effort to police or enforce the precautions of distancing or face coverings, but simply ask our people, out of care and concern for one another, that we follow these guidelines for the time being.

At the same time, we realize that there will be some for whom these precautionary measures will not be enough to make the church feel like a safe place for them to be. We will continue our live streaming of services on Facebook Live ( We want to love and support all who have concerns about their safety, as well as those who feel these precautionary measures are pointless and ineffective. As a reminder, if you feel unwell or feel you may have been exposed to a person who is ill, we respectfully ask that you consider worshiping with us online. Please know that we want to continue serving you and staying connected to you as part of our church family.

We will continue to make masks available near the entry points of our building. It is our expectation that volunteers in our children's and teens' departments will abide by these recommendations.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to Pastor Trent at or by calling the church office at 208.587.3093. You can also reach out to one of our board members. Thank you so much for continuing to journey toward Christ with us!

Grace and peace.

Pastor Trent

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Updated 9.15.2021