COVID-19 Update

Church Family,


I am writing this note to you today to offer the latest update regarding COVID-19. This update comes after considering the varied opinions of our church board members.


At our April board meeting, we reviewed the latest numbers​ as reported by the state of Idaho. In looking at recent statewide numbers, confirmed (and confirmed + probable) cases are holding steady at levels similar to what they were in early September (between the two Idaho surges in July-Aug and Nov-Jan).


While that news is encouraging, local statistics for Elmore County are not. The average weekly increase of confirmed cases over the past four weeks has been nearly 50/wk, while the average for the eight weeks prior was under 16/wk (totals recorded after Mondays).

With increasing availability of vaccines and some of the encouraging trends, we considered making some revisions to our recommendations for folks attending our church. However, as one board member said after reviewing the numbers, "That just doesn't make any sense right now."

As before, we know that some of our people will choose to stay home and we continue our efforts to provide an online worship experience each week. You can tune in live to our services via our Facebook Page at if you have a Facebook account. Or you can view our services on Youtube at after they are uploaded (usually by Monday morning each week).

Please remember to take the following precautions when coming to worship:

* If you are not feeling well, we respectfully ask that you protect others by staying home. We also encourage those at greatest risk and who are immunocompromised to do the same.

* Face coverings are very strongly encouraged for all of our people, especially as you move to your seat and while singing.

* Please continue to remain physically distanced (at a range of 6 feet or more) from other family groups while in our facility. This means to leave at least two chairs between family groups if you are sharing a row.

* Do your part to help us maintain a touchless environment by avoiding hugs, handshakes, and other forms of greeting that are customary at our church. We are so thankful we have a welcoming body of believers, but need to refrain from these practices during this time.


We are continuing to offer ministries for our children and teens. Our strong recommendation to wear face coverings extends to all people, but we will respect people as they make that choice. All of our employees and volunteers in kids’ ministries will be following this recommendation.


I know you may have questions or concerns regarding this update. As always, feel free to reach out to the church office or myself ( I am so grateful for you and for our church family. May we continue to worship Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth during these days.


Grace and peace.

Pastor Trent

Updated 4.26.2021